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Falling debris stopped in its tracks with Rockfall Protection Netting

Specialisedgeo DeeKramer 120-5-2The protection of railways and other structures located directly at the toe of man-made cuttings or natural cliffs is a major challenge for engineers.

Falling debris and rocks can be encountered in these locations which could result in rocks falling onto the rail line and lead to track closures or even derailments. They are typically caused by rock formation deterioration caused by plant action, thermal expansion, winds, cold and thaw, hydrostatic pressure and seismic action.

Rockfall drapery systems are designed to control rockfall movement by guiding falling debris to a collection point at the toe of the slope thus protecting the rail line from debris damage.

The woven mesh Rockfall protection netting has been specified at many rail cutting sites throughout Australia to protect the rail line from possible rock detachments. The drapery netting is anchored to both the top and bottom of the slope or cutting to contain rock detachments while they make their way to the bottom of the slope in a controlled manner.

Rockfall protection systems are a key element in the design and maintenance of rail infrastructure networks and can prevent any impact on the safety of the travelling public and train operators.

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